PPN Portfolio Builder has been sourcing Multi-Let properties that secure capital with sustainable returns around the UK since 2011.

Having developed a sizeable and lucrative portfolio of 200+ units for its founders and directors, the business then allocated its resources to sourcing profitable Multi-Let properties.

Capital Requirements

Having sourced over 100 properties to date, PPN Portfolio Builder has the experience and expertise to secure suitable properties that consistently deliver.

Multi-Let properties, including the acquisition and refurbishment, do vary depending upon the location and profile. However, a traditional price range would start at £150,000 and go up to £450,000. Typically, there would be a minimum of five lettable rooms.

Returns will vary depending on the structure of an acquisition and the local market. However, the figures are covered in full in the boardroom at our 2018/2019 Open Days. You will also find headline figures on the case studies pages of this site.

2019 Waiting List

Due to the current market conditions and demand for Multi-Let properties, there is currently a waiting list for PPN Portfolio Builder properties. In 2018 we had to close the waiting list four weeks early due to oversubscription. This is a testament to the current market demand and profitability of a Multi-Let acquisition.

However, we have expanded our 2019 development team to meet the requirements of a further 30 private investors over the next 12 months.

If you have a minimum of £100,000 investment, and would like to consider securing your capital with sustainable returns by becoming a PPN Portfolio Builder Client, please follow the application process below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please note: Once you have secured a place on the 2019 waiting list, you are not obliged to proceed with any opportunity or acquisition.

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The Process

If you have a minimum of £100,000 and would like to consider the opportunities to secure a Multi-Let property by becoming a PPN Portfolio Builder client the below is provided to support you progress and to manage your expectations.

Review the content pages of this website and the frequently asked questions to ensure the concept of Multi-Let properties meets your needs.
Complete the 2019 application form providing all of the details requested

What Happens Next?

We will get back to you within five working days of receiving your application to provide you with feedback. We will also book a short call to discuss the opportunity if your application has been successful.
Once all questions have been answered, and both parties are agreeable to proceed, you will be awarded a place on the 2019 Waiting List and a deposit payment will be taken to secure your position.
We will then source a property that matches your criteria and you will be presented with a phase two appraisal of the opportunity for your consideration. You can then choose to accept or proceed.
If you choose to proceed, a full programme and schedule will be provided detailing the process of acquisition to development, development into lettings and then lettings into Multi-Let Management.

Please note: All PPN Portfolio Builder clients are allocated a maximum of two properties per annum.