The Model

What are Multi-Lets?

PPN Portfolio Builder specialises in the sourcing, development and management of Multi-Lets, otherwise known as Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), HiMOs or Houseshares. This specialised model represents the conversion of a traditional single let house or, in some cases, larger commercial buildings into an asset that can generate the maximum return on investment. Multi-Let properties can generate this significant increase in revenue because they are rented out to individuals on a room by room basis.

Multi-Let properties often provide between four and ten rooms for rent separately to clients. Rent will typically include the internet, general utility bills and Council Tax. Whilst the individual bedrooms are rented as private for exclusive use, most Multi-Lets have communal areas including kitchen diners and lounges.

Whereas a three-bedroomed, single let property may typically achieve a gross rent of £650 per calendar month (pcm) to a family, it is reasonably commonplace that, once converted, the gross rent on the same property will exceed £2,000 pcm as a Multi-Let venture. Multi-Lets therefore represent a significantly profitable option for buy to let investors.

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The Market

Why Now?

Now is the time that many are turning to the property market to secure capital for sustainable returns. This is because the financial markets including banks, shares, interest rates and pensions are failing to generate the returns they once achieved.

Indeed, the buy to let and private rental sector (PRS) has remained a growth industry for many years. This is not least because it delivers both long-term capital gain and short-term income returns to committed individuals with the required expertise.

Savills predicts a private rental sector increase of a further one million households over the next five years, which makes now the optimum time to invest. This is despite the government’s initiatives against buy to let. Indeed, if the UK Government succeeds in its objective to reduce the number of private landlords supplying single let houses, the volume of stock is likely to decrease whilst demand for rental properties will continue to grow and rent will increase.

If this is indeed the case, it is likely that the demand for Multi-Lets will increase at pace from private investors for whom it will be the only traditional rental model with a viable, profitable and sustainable income. It is also likely to be the most popular option for tenants, as the single let property will be much more difficult to secure due to the lack of availability, affordability or both.

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The Management


PPN Portfolio Builder does not solely specialise in the sourcing and development of Multi-Let properties. We also ensure the ongoing security of our clients’ capital, and returns, by managing their acquisitions via Multi-Let UK.

Multi-Let UK is our award-winning Portfolio Management Company recognised as the market leader for professional houseshares. Multi-Let UK manages in excess of 800 Multi-Let units for our directors, clients and third party landlords. Specialising in the Professional Houseshare Management model only, Multi-Let UK appreciates the very specific operations, regulations, systems and service packages required to ensure that client portfolios achieve the highest occupancy rates and subsequent returns on capital.


It is working in collaboration with Multi-Let UK that PPN Portfolio Builder can ensure clients the most sustainable return on their capital. PPN Portfolio Builder is also committed to giving tenants the best possible customer service and value for money.

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