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How are PPN Portfolio Builder fees calculated?

These are calculated per project and based on 9 months gross profit. This is paid 50% on exchange and 50% on the date the last tenants moves in.

On-going management fees are at the reduced rate of 10%. Tenant find fee 50% of the first months rent.

Is there an annual fee available if properties are being purchased on regular basis i.e. some sort of retainer?

As above. £1000 commitment deposit required upon signing terms of business which is discounted from the PPN Portfolio Builder sourcing fee at the point of exchange on a property.

Is the forecast net profit or rent level guaranteed?

We don't guarantee the net profit figures or the rents. The forecast figures are based on the performance of our existing portfolio in the area as well as current comparables. Please note a seasonal adjustment is likely to maximise returns in line with the demand of the local rental market.

Is a builder’s survey report included in the fee?

All third party professional service fees are included in the projected development costs in your appraisal.

Do you have any role in managing the properties?

Yes all PPN Portfolio Builder properties are managed via our Specialist Portfolio Management company www.Multi-Let.co.uk

Are references available from your existing clients?

We are able to provide testimonials from existing clients on request

Do properties require a specific conveyancing team to be used? Or can clients use their own?

We would recommend using the Professional Services of the providers PPN Portfolio Builder already have established working relationships with.

Are the Multi-Let properties that you source positioned toward the student market, private market or both?

All PPN Portfolio Builder properties are professional Multi-Lets. The majority of our Multi-Let tenants are working professionals in their 20's/30's.

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